About Jule Kim

Hi! I’m Jule, and I’m a professional Seattle headshot photographer. I’m well known for delivering beautiful professional headshots, and many clients seek me specifically to get the job done because they were unhappy with their previous photos.

Who I Work With

The kind of clients I work with range all over different industries and career experience, but they all tend to be the type who don’t like being in pictures. If this is also you, believe me, I understand. I’m completely unphotogenic, and I usually look like I’ve got a round melon-shaped face and like I’m 30 pounds heavier than I really am.

If you can relate, then you’re exactly my type of client, and the following is probably true of you:

  • you do not like most of your existing photos
  • you think your photos don’t really look like you
  • you hate having your picture taken
  • you worry that new photos won’t be any better

The thing is, you are perfectly attractive, and it’s not your fault that your photos haven’t been able to capture that. My sessions always come with specific guided posing and I work different camera angles in order to get you the most flattering photos possible.

You won’t have that anxious feeling during the session wondering whether the photos are turning out ok because I’ll tell you every step of the way how you’re doing.

Now is a great time to get professional headshots done, especially if your current business headshot isn’t appropriate to your industry. If your website or branding is undergoing a redesign to a fresh new look, then it’s a good idea to update your corporate headshots as well so everything looks consistent.

My photography style is all about making my clients look polished. Each session comes with multiple checks before your session on clothing and styling, plus directed posing to flatter your best angles.

Oh hey, and there are snacks, maybe even chocolate, because we gotta keep that energy up for you!

What you get: High-end photos of yourself looking better than you ever have before.

1000% Happiness Guarantee

Worried that you’ll have spent $$$ and the resulting headshot photos won’t be up to your expectations? Relax, I’ve got your back! I offer a 1000% happiness guarantee, and we can have as many re-do sessions as you want, or you can even choose a complete refund. Either way, there’s no risk to you, and you have every chance of being amazed by your photos with me.

Set up a call or drop me a message and let’s start chatting about what kind of vibe or look you want your headshot photos to have, and what you want to use them for.

My Photography Service Offerings

The majority of my work is focused on providing professional photography for the following:

  • business headshots
  • personal branding photos
  • actor headshots
  • lifestyle photos
  • modeling headshots
  • dating profile photos
  • commercial fashion
  • conference photography

Jule’s Background

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2016, when I left my job as a product manager at Amazon to pursue photography full time.

In addition to photography, I have spent 10 years in content marketing, SEO, and product management at Amazon, Avvo, and Microsoft. Although I’m now a headshot photographer, a lot of my online marketing skills are still put to use working with small businesses locally to help them become discoverable online.

When I’m not working on photography or marketing (or reading books on both), I’m usually binge watching the latest Netflix show or playing League of Legends with my husband. Oh, and I LOVE cats…just call me crazy cat lady!