Dating Profile Photos

Seattle Dating Profile Photographer
Dating profile photo by Jule Kim Seattle Headshot Photographer

The online dating sites and apps have gotten pretty competitive, and having professional dating profile photos done has become the new minimum bar.

If your current dating photos are bathroom selfies, or photos taken in really dark rooms where it’s really hard to see your face, then you might want to think about getting a photographer to take some nice quality dating profile photos for you.

The Right Way to Get the Best Dating Profile Photos

It’s your choice whether you want your photos taken in-studio with a clean backdrop versus outside somewhere. I always recommend that most of your dating photos be pictures of you out and about doing things that you normally do everyday.

Are you into hiking? Photos of you in a forest or hiking along a trail would be perfect. Love eating at restaurants or hanging out at cafes? Getting some pictures of you sitting at a table with some food and drinks is a great way to showcase that side of your personality.

The goal is to get you photos that look candid, and not too try-hard. That’s why the best choices for location are always the places you normally go where you get to do the things you always do. That way, the photos will look like they were taken by your friend you were hanging out with.

So relax, and try to have some fun while pretending like the camera isn’t there. Your pictures will look like great, but also natural and not posed.

Dating Profile Photo Pricing

Pricing is broken down into two separate pieces:

  • up to 3 hour session: $275
  • the photos start at $125 each

Special bonus: For clients who buy 3+ photos, get a free audit of your online dating profile content. I’m a content marketing expert, and I can tell you what parts of your profile might be turning people away for the wrong reasons.

Your session includes the following:

  • Up to 2 hours with unlimited outfit changes
  • Coaching on how to look more approachable
  • Extensive consultation on matching photo style with personality
  • Photos optimized to make you appear attractive, while remaining recognizable as yourself

If you’re interested in hiring me for your dating photos, schedule a phone call or email me to set up time to chat.

Ask me whatever questions you want! I’ll be looking to get to know you, what your personality is like, and what kind of person you’re looking to attract. I can then give you some ideas on how to set up for the photos and what to wear.