Get the Best Headshot Photos by Learning to Smize

Seattle Headshot Photographer

When I’m doing headshot photos for each client, there are several factors that are running through my mind to make...

cellphone photo before and after professional headshot

Why You Need a Business Headshot

Seattle Headshot Photographer

Several signs you need a new business headshot: 1) people don't recognize you at the interview; 2) your photo keeps you from being taken seriously...

Tips to Get the Best Dating Profile Photos

Seattle Headshot Photographer

If you're going to spend money on your dating profile photos, then here are some things to watch out for, and signs you've got the right photographer.

How to Get Hired at Amazon

Seattle Headshot Photographer

I've worked for companies like Microsoft and Amazon. I learned the hard way how to land the offer, so save yourself that time and energy.

What to Wear for Headshots

Seattle Headshot Photographer

Detailed guidelines and tips on how to choose the most flattering cut and colors of your outfit for a business headshot session.

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