Corporate Headshots

These days recruiters and people you’ve never met are scoping you out online. Are you aware of what impressions you’re making on these people?

You’re no different from a business: your headshot and social media profiles are ads for who you are and why you should get that job or that speaking engagement. And yet, more than half the profile photos on LinkedIn are clearly poor quality cell phone pictures.

Stand out from the masses by getting your photo taken by a headshot photographer. Not only will you look way better in your profile photo, but you’ll also look professional, and people overall will take you more seriously.

Doing a presentation or a talk at a conference? Redesigning your website? About to apply for jobs? This is the perfect time to update to professional headshots–take control of your narrative, and go next level.

Not sure what to wear for a headshot session? Check out these tips on how to dress for professional headshot photos.