High School Senior Photography

Congratulations, you’re a high school senior! You’re almost to the finish line. I know it can be stressful with SATs and college applications, so you may not have been thinking about finding a high school senior photographer.

If you didn’t already know about your high school yearbook and photo requirements, then you might be scrambling a little to find a photographer last minute to get your high school senior photos done.

The best time to have your high school senior session is actually the summer before your senior school year starts just so that you have plenty of time to plan your look and have a little fun without rushing through the process.

I love doing photos for high school seniors, and will always make time to squeeze you in if possible. Most high schools want senior photos submitted September – December, so plan accordingly.

I’ve been a high school senior photographer for 3 years, and am well acquainted with the process. I can have your photos ready by 5 days after the session, and your yearbook photo formatted according to your yearbook guidelines. Contact me to set up a session or ask any questions!